The Department of Turkish Language and Literature was established in 2003 within the Faculty of Science-Literature

Turkish Language and Literature undergraduate and graduate programs have been carried out since 2009-2010 academic year.

There are six main disciplines in our department. These are: Turkish Folk Literature Department, Modern Turkish Literature Department, Classical Turkish Literature Department, Modern Turkish Language Department, Old Turkish Language Department, Contemporary Turkish Dialects Department.

Within the program of the department, literature and language are examined with traditional and modern methods, taking into account historical, geographical and sociocultural elements.

The aim of the department is to train individuals who can take various positions in the field of Turkology as academicians, Turkish Language and Literature teachers, editors, Ministry of National Education and Ministry of Culture.


To create a contemporary teaching culture with social and aesthetic values in the field of Turkish Language and Literature; to train professionally competent, qualified researchers.


To be a self-developing department that conducts studies to solve the basic problems of Turkish Language and Literature, to be a pioneer in providing university-society cooperation, to respect universal values, to adhere to scientific principles, and to improve itself, especially in our fields of specialization.

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